Occurs on Sunday April 7 2019

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Capilano University
2055 Purcell Way
North Vancouver BC V7J 3H5

Performance Notes

× I am different. I have always been different. I grew up scared of being found out, scared of my natural inability to fit in, to conform, to look and sound and dress and behave 'normal.' I was always drawn to the different ones and I observed them with fascination—but the thought of being even a little bit like them mortified me. I was desperate to fit in... —from Misfit.

Social change entrepreneur Andreas Souvaliotis is the founder of the world's first eco rewards program and, more recently, the popular Carrot Rewards health and wellness app. A classically-trained musician, gifted mathematician, avid cyclist, entrepreneur and advocate for social change, Souvaliotis has never shied away from a challenge. Yet, he felt like an outsider through most of his life. He was raised in Greece when being on the autism spectrum wasn’t easily diagnosed or discussed. He knew from an early age he was gay and grew up with openly homophobic parents in one of Europe’s least tolerant societies. His extraordinary memoir, Misfit, shows what it takes to trigger positive change, and that none of us should see our differences and quirks as handicaps.

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